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Lumia (ORN): The First Hyper-Liquid Layer 2

April 3, 2024

Lumia is now a layer 2 blockchain with its natively built liquidity layer at its core – all powered by $ORN.

We are extremely excited to introduce the first ever hyper-liquid restake rollup layer 2 blockchain which will simply be known as “Lumia”. Our cross-chain liquidity layer at the core of our layer 2 is now officially “Lumia Stream” and is already integrated into some of the biggest ecosystems like 1inch, BNB Chain, Linea and more.

Our new L2 is being built as a modular blockchain where dApps have the vital ability to focus on growing their projects while bypassing the need to spend time and capital on the typical DeFi hurdles or going to market with Lumia’s efficient go-to-market process.

Lumia simplifies the building process with boundless liquidity, unique yield opportunities, and unmatched interoperability.

Lumia leverages modular technologies with RaaS infrastructure, EigenDA, Polygon CDK and AggLayer, with features like Biconomy Account Abstraction, AI/zkML tech, and of course the boundless liquidity of Lumia Stream.

Starting from Lumia’s core, Lumia Stream aggregates unmatched liquidity by bridging centralized exchanges into DeFi, offering builders boundless and efficient cross-chain liquidity solutions, enhancing project interoperability and market reach. Further simplifying user engagement, Lumia incorporates EIP-4337 account abstraction and intent-based transactions, making blockchain interactions intuitive for end-users. With Polygon Midas and PolygonID’s integration, Lumia assures privacy and security, providing optional KYC to meet regulatory standards without compromising user privacy- perfect for RWAs and institutions.

$ORN will be converting to $LUMIA with a token swap event coming soon to major crypto exchanges.

The platform’s restaked modular architecture powered by PolygonCDK and EigenDA promises scalability, reduced costs, and fast finality- addressing key infrastructural challenges in DeFi. Moreover, Lumia is innovating yield generation through its Delta Neutral Liquidity Provisioning (DNLP) and AI-driven zkML technology, offering builders and users unparalleled efficiency and profitability. Each feature is meticulously designed to empower builders with the tools needed to create sustainable, user-friendly, and compliant DeFi applications, positioning Lumia as the optimal choice for their new home.

Lumia’s current token $ORN, will support our transformation into an L2, aimed at fuelling growth and ensuring ecosystem sustainability. By rewarding both new and long-term holders with our upcoming airdrop programs, supporting liquidity nodes for our network, and supporting innovative projects through grants, we’re fostering a vibrant ecosystem with real utility.

Builders on Lumia will unlock the full potential of Lumia Stream with the lowest fees and almost instant transaction speeds.

At its core, Lumia will be powered by Lumia Stream: the robust cross-chain Web3 liquidity layer. Lumia Stream allows protocols to bypass conventional liquidity bootstrapping methods, offering margins that deliver real yield without the need to increase or reallocate their fees. This integrated solution empowers dApps across the biggest chains to tap into Lumia Stream’s unmatched liquidity benefits, fostering a safe and profitable environment for capital efficiency.

We are very anxious to show you more about how we will be building this ecosystem, who will be a part of it, and the growing list of supporters that have put their trust in our team and vision.

More to come.