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Why users Love Orion

Superior swap experience
Trade on CEXs with your own wallet

Cross-chain atomic bridge
Ultra fast, safe and easy to use

Smart order routing
Powered by the most advanced CEX + DEX liquidity aggregator

Advanced DEX features
Limit orders, stop loss, 1-click trading, charting, etc.

Low fees
Cheaper trades compared to 1inch and Uniswap

Arbitrage opportunities
Benefit from cross-exchange price discrepancies

Why Partners Choose Orion

Unparalleled token offering
Your token’s CEX liquidity now decentralized

Enhanced utility for your platform
Empower your users with DEX trading

Open technology
Free-to-install on any platform

Streamlined token accessibility
Easier to buy, more conversions

No expertise needed
Installed & customized in minutes

A new way to earn
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