Why are prices better on Orion?

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CEX Order Books

Trade on Binance & co. from your wallet

Transmuted AMM Price Curves

Uniswap & co. markets displayed as order books

CEX Complex Swaps

Merging siloe’d CEX trading pairs for optimal market efficiency

Virtual Order Books

Continuously calculating complex swaps to create better prices

Cross-chain bridge integration

Unifying liquidity fragmented between multiple chains

Ultra fast
price feeds

Higher refresh rates ensure better, more accurate quotes

True cross-chain,

cross-exchange liquidity aggregation

Why are trading & bridging
more secure on Orion?

Atomic swaps

Peer-to-peer, trustless, and near instant token transfers

Full self-custody

Own & control your assets at all times, unlike on CEXs

Safe by design

No token minting nor wrapping, no user funds at risk


Excellent prices

Limited liquidity source

KYC’d account required

Restricted to select markets


Low fees

Ultra fast price feeds

Not DeFi-friendly

Poor bridge experience

Centralized bridging

Prone to inside jobs



Best prices

Unlimited liquidity sources

No account required

Available in most markets

Highly efficient

Low fees

Ultra fast price feeds

Trusted by partners

Ultra fast bridging

Safe bridging

Unenticing for hackers


DEXs & Bridges

Worst prices

Limited liquidity source

No account required

Available in most markets


High fees

Slow price feeds

Unusable on advanced platforms

Slow bridging

Risky bridging

Enticing for hackers

Might be stoppable